Hui Funding (Preorders)

You may have noticed that some of our goods are available only for preorder. Here is some info and answers to frequently asked questions you may find helpful: 

Why does Hale Pua do preorders? 

By taking preorders it allows us to purchase in bulk and get you the best/lowest pricing on goods. As a small business, cash flow is always a challenge. Preorders help us to get new products off the ground without tying up . We call it "hui funding" similar to crowd funding or Kickstarter. 

Another reason we do preorders is to get an idea of what designs, sizes, etc. will sell so we can order the right quantities. 

Lastly, we do preorders because we often SELL OUT before we can restock a certain item and I want to give everyone a chance to get what they want without having to check back for a restock or miss a restock. 


How long will I wait for a preorder? 

Every item is different, and an estimated shipping date will show on the item description prior to purchase as well as your email order confirmation. We have a good track record of sending preorders out on time, but occasionally there are delays that are out of our control. If there is a delay, we will send you an update prior to the expected ship date. 


What are my options if I can't wait for a preorder to arrive? 

We can swap the item out for any in stock item or we can refund you. We understand that a delay doesn't work for everyone's situation, and will not give you any hassle if you wish to hard feelings!

Mahalo for being a part of the Hale Pua 'Ohana and "hui funding" with us!